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On this page we will list some examples, with prices.
This will give you a feeling for what we offer and the price level.



Prints can be purchased as prints only, and we also offer matted prints, and we can deliver finished mounted prints (without glass) that are ready to hang on the wall.
What we do NOT usually do is to ship framed prints with glass. If you want to mount the print in a frame with glass, we recommend that you buy the print unframed and choose your own matte and frame and glass in a local framing store.
11x14 prints can for example be purchased mounted in an acid free 16x20 white matte with white back board and will then fit a 16x20 standard size frame.
The un-mounted canvas prints - if not otherwise mentioned - will have a pressure sensitive adhesive layer on the back that will make mounting easy. Just peel away the protective sheet before mounting the canvas picture. The type of adhesive we use is 3M 568.

You can also order canvas prints without adhesive. Some customers prefer to use their own favorite adhesive or mount the canvas print by stretching onto wooden bars, as paintings.
Canvas prints are usually mounted without glass and have an invisible protective layer covering the print surface. The protective layer will make the print much more resistant to scratching. If it was missing, the print would be more vulnerable to scratching, and white spots could show up over the years as a result of wear and scratching with a sharp objects.
The protective coating also has the additional advantage of protecting the color pigment against the elements, and will make the print last longer.
Some customers prefer to mount the canvas prints without a frame - for example on a piece of foam board or Gator Board or on MDF board that can be displayed on a table on or on a wall.

Note that if the print is bigger than 11x14 then the board needs to be reasonable thick to avoid that humidity changes cause the picture to warp. If it is important to you that there is absolutely no warping of the finished picture, we need to discuss ahead of time what thickness or material you would like to use.

How we mount a print to Medium Density Fiber Board:

Before mounting on MDF board we first paint the front surface of the board with a primer. The primer will form a protective layer between the MDF board and the print, and also makes the adhesive adhere much stronger to the board.
The outer edge of the board is beveled and painted with a black paint.
After mounting the print to the MDF board the print is covered with a protective coating. For small prints the coating is sprayed on, for larger prints we use a brush.
On the back side of the board a long piece of 1/4 inch thick and 2 inch wide wood (usually poplar) is attached. The lower edge has a 45 degree bevel that fits into a similar wood piece that will be attached to the wall before mounting.
When the wall mounting piece has been attached to the wall using screwdriver and a level, it is then a simple thing to hang the picture onto the mounting piece and it will always stay level. We have found this method of hanging to be better than if a string is attached to the picture and a screw is used in the wall, for example. It is also easier to mount the picture at a certain height.
The canvas prints can also be mounted directly to a wall surface. This is a great way to add beautiful pictures to your trailer or RV! The pictures will not fall down when you travel on a bumpy road, and can usually be removed without leaving any residue or damage to the wall. (However, as all surfaces have different characteristics, you have to understand that in some rare cases there may be damage to the wall after you remove the print. You make the decision if you want to take that risk.)
If you want the picture in a size that is different from standard sizes we can size the picture according to your request. Our present printer takes 17 inch wide rolls. For pictures that are larger than 16 inches on the shortest side we can give you a cost estimate.
Pricing examples:

Pictures 11" x 14", paper print only - $50
Pictures 16" x 20", paper print only - $70
Pictures 11" x 14", paper print mounted in 16x20 white matte - $70
Pictures 8" x 10", canvas print with pressure sensitive adhesive backing - $35
Pictures 11" x 14", canvas print with pressure sensitive adhesive backing - $60
Pictures 16" x 20", canvas print with pressure sensitive adhesive backing - $80
Introductory offer! May change without notice.